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Specialist Equipment Carried In Tackle Vans For Heavy Machinery Lifting Projects

The scoping exercise we carry out as part of our detailed process to assess the size and complexity of each heavy machinery lifting project will also determine the transport and lifting equipment requirements.
James Merritt – December 10, 2019
Heavy machinery lifting

Which is best – LPG or battery powered Versa-Lift truck?

In this article we discuss the pro's and con's of LPG versus battery powered Versa-Lift trucks and the factors that influence which to use on a heavy machinery moving project.
Richard Merritt – June 3, 2019
LPG or Battery Powered Versa-Lift Truck

Out of Hours Solutions for Heavy Machinery Moving Projects

One of the primary responsibilities of being a factory or operations manager is to ensure production targets are met, if not exceeded.
Richard Merritt – May 7, 2019
Out of Hours Solutions | Heavy Machinery Moving Projects

Merritts Complete Dubai Machinery Relocation Project

Heavy machinery moving and storage specialists Joseph Merritt Group Plc have successfully completed a relocation project involving four Engel injection moulding machines on behalf of Polypipe Civils, a leading manufacturer of plastic piping systems.
James Merritt – May 1, 2019
Relocation of Injection Moulding Machinery

Managing Heavy Machinery Moves That Require a Traffic Regulation Order

Heavy machinery moving projects can sometimes be subject to a TRO (Traffic Regulation Order). This can be due to the size and weight of the items being transported, the location of the collection and delivery sites and the route that is to be travelled.
Lincoln Marks – April 24, 2019
Movement and Storage of Modular Housing Units

Merritts Complete Movement and Storage of Modular Housing Units

Traffic movements in Beeston were halted recently whilst heavy machinery moving & storage specialists Joseph Merritt Group Plc dismantled and relocated four modular homes to their storage facility in Kirkby-in-Ashfield.
Richard Merritt – April 8, 2019
Movement and Storage of Modular Housing Units

Heavy machinery moving for automotive plant de-commissioning

Sadly, the news headlines recently have featured stories about several leading car manufacturers such as Nissan, Honda and Jaguar Landrover who have announced plans to close UK factories or relocate production to other UK or overseas plants.
James Merritt – March 7, 2019
Automotive Plant De-commissioning