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Merritts Investments in 2023 Exceeds £1 Million

Merritts are excited to announce another year of a significant investment. Since January 2023, we have invested over £1 million in new machinery and equipment, with further expenditure of £500k already planned for 2024.
James Merritt – November 20, 2023

Top manufacturing trends that will affect factory relocation in 2023

As the new year gets underway, we've been looking ahead to the 2023 trends in manufacturing that we think will impact heavy machinery moving, installation and factory relocation projects.
D. Hardy – January 10, 2023
Manufacturing trends impacting factory relocation in 2023

Moving your machinery during the Easter shutdown period?

Whilst some will be looking forward to a well-deserved break during the Easter shutdown period, a busy production manager will be tasked with coordinating the installation of new machinery, the improvement of operational efficiencies or perhaps even a factory relocation project.
James Merritt – January 7, 2023
Easter Shutdown Machinery Moving

Understanding Customers – Heavy Machinery Moving is our DNA

One of the most important aspects of our marketing strategy and a regular discussion topic, especially when we are writing our news and advice articles, is to ensure we understand the profile of companies that need a heavy matching moving service or embarking on a factory relocation project.
James Merritt – January 4, 2023
Lorry Mounted Cranes | heavy machinery moving

4th Generation Family Business Celebrates Centenary

Heavy machinery moving specialists Joseph Merritt Group Plc have cause to celebrate as the company reaches a major milestone in its history - its 100 year company anniversary.
James Merritt – June 23, 2022

Merritts Successfully Pass SafeContractor Audit

Merritts are pleased to announce that we have successfully passed our recent SafeContractor audit, therefore demonstrating our continued commitment to providing our customers with safe machinery moving and installation services.
D. Hardy – May 13, 2022
Merritts pass SafeContractor Audit

Ecommerce Surge Fuels Demand For Industrial Storage

The creation of new distribution centres to meet the increased demand for space by logistics operations continues to rise. However, experts are saying that despite this rapid new build programme, there will still not be enough storage space to meet future needs.
D. Hardy – April 8, 2022
Industrial machinery storage