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4th Generation Family Business Celebrates Centenary

Heavy machinery moving specialists Joseph Merritt Group Plc have cause to celebrate as the company reaches a major milestone in its history - its 100 year company anniversary.
D. Hardy – June 23, 2022

Freeports and the benefits to manufacturers

It is rare that there is anything in a Budget Statement specifically relevant to machinery moving, but the announcement of freeports has gained our attention because we think the tax advantages and investment incentives will give UK manufacturing a huge boost.
James Merritt – March 15, 2021
Benefits of Freeports | Merritts Machinery Transport

Merritts Invest In New 58Te Capacity Pick and Carry Crane

Having recently invested in a new £120k Nooteboom trailer, and a new £260k Versa-Lift 40/60, heavy machinery transport specialists, Merritts have just taken delivery of a new fully electric £400k JMG MC 580 cabin cruiser crane.
Richard Merritt – March 3, 2021
Merritts cabin cruiser crane

Month in Focus – December

Merritts work across multiple sectors, regularly carrying out over 100 heavy machinery removal, installation, and transportation projects per month. We provide the world’s leading machinery manufacturers with specialist machinery moving, lifting, installation and storage services.
D. Hardy – January 29, 2021
Heavy Machinery Movers | Merritts Top Tips

Key Factors to Consider When Appointing A Heavy Machinery Moving Company

Whether you have great experience in overseeing heavy machinery moving projects, or you are embarking on your first production line change requiring internal heavy machinery moves, we hope you learn something new from this article.
Richard Merritt – January 7, 2021
Health and Safety Guide to Moving Heavy Machinery | Merritts

COVID-19 Update

Please rest assured that Merritts are following all Government guidelines to ensure we can work safely during this national lockdown which was announced by the Government on 4th January 2021. The safety of our staff and customers is of paramount importance and we are continuing to implement a number of measures in order to continue to safely carry out work throughout these difficult times.
James Merritt – January 5, 2021
COVID-19 Update | Merritts

Brexit and the Benefits Of Using Merritts Bonded Warehousing When Importing Heavy Machinery Into the UK

In just under a month the UK will have exited from the EU, regardless of whether there a is no-deal Brexit or a negotiated exit. Once the UK has left the European Union all imports and exports will be subject to duty and this will have an immense impact. Particularly for businesses that are importing or exporting heavy machinery, as these transactions usually represent a significant figure which means the duty payable will also be quite sizeable.
James Merritt – December 9, 2020
Bonded Warehousing Services | Merritts Storage Solutions