Using Electric Vehicles for Heavy Machinery Moving

The government has made a huge commitment to phasing out the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030 and have set a target that all new cars and vans will produce zero emissions from 2035.

Sustainable Heavy Machinery Transportation

As part of the initiative to achieve zero emissions the government has committed to:

  • Introduce a new road vehicle CO2 emissions regulatory regime in 2024
  • Invest £582 million for the plug-in grants to reduce zero emission vehicle sticker price until at least 2022/23
  • Zero emission cars will receive favourable company car tax rates until at least March 2025

According to many in the transportation industry, the future is battery electric. The technology has developed hugely; it’s now much more efficient, allowing trucks to cover hundreds of miles a day, and importantly for fleets, the investment in battery-electric HGVs is returned in five years.

Earlier this year, Scania invested heavily in electrified long-distance commercial vehicles. Its reasoning was simple: Hydrogen requires three times as much renewable electricity to power a truck compared to a battery electric system, it isn’t energy-efficient in terms of production, distribution, and conversion back to electricity.

Over recent years Merritts have invested over £2m in fully electric lifting equipment, as part of our environmental sustainability plan on how to deliver a clean heavy machinery transportation service. This includes forklift trucks, Versa-Lift trucks, jacking systems, and pick & carry cranes. These pieces of equipment produce no pollution and are quiet when in operation.

Our electric Versa-Lift trucks and pick & carry cranes, especially, have become a crucial asset that enable us to move very heavy machinery in environments where noise and pollution reduction is a priority. Projects carried out within facilities that involve food, pharmaceuticals, natural fibres, chemicals, textiles, and nuclear power benefit from the use of our battery powered lifting equipment to avoid contamination from fuel vapours and emissions.

Throughout our near 100-year history, Merritts have always invested in premium cutting-edge equipment in order to transport heavy machinery. Where possible, we will continue to invest in electric technology to further develop our service offering, enabling us to meet the unique demands of machinery manufacturers, agents, distributors, and manufacturing companies.

If you want to work with a company that is committed to moving your heavy machinery sustainably, please get in touch with us on 01623 759737 or

December 10, 2021 by D. Hardy

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