Factory Relocation Services

Changes in manufacturing demand often result in the need to relocate heavy machinery as part of a partial or complete factory relocation or closure. These circumstances often require a great deal of sensitivity as operations may need to be carried out confidentially under none disclosure agreements (NDAs).

Factory relocation services

Merritts can carry out factory removal and factory closure projects throughout the UK and Europe as well as in most countries worldwide. We are able to overcome complex machinery dismantling and technical lifting challenges. This is due to the depth of experience of our personnel, the versatile heavy machinery lifting options we can provide, and a programme of continuous investment in our fleet of transport vehicles and lifting equipment.

Our business was founded in 1922, and as a result of over 100 years of experience, we understand the unique challenges that any production line or assembly line changes, machine removals or plant relocations required as part of a factory relocation project can cause a major disruption to your manufacturing facility. Our project management team will plan accordingly to ensure your production downtime is minimised during the relocation process.

To ensure a successfully completed relocation project, all aspects of your factory relocation project are accurately planned, we reference your layout drawings and will provide you with a project schedule Gantt chart, detailing the scope of our machinery removal process. This helps to provide clarity on how each phase of the factory relocation service will progress.

When it comes to factory relocation projects, we understand the risks involved and as part of our process our experienced team will start with an in-depth discussion to understand your factory relocation project. We will then arrange a site visit so that we can carry out a comprehensive risk assessment. This ensures every detail of the project is project managed, planned and analysed and plant relocations involving the removal of heavy machinery can be completed safely, in a cost-effective manner and on time, without any unforeseen circumstances.

Our team has extensive experience in factory moves and where required, we will operate out of hours and across weekends to ensure the deadline for each phase is met.

Merritts can provide a turnkey solution for managing and executing the removal and relocation of heavy machinery from factories and plants in a cost-effective and efficient way.

As a production line relocation specialist, our comprehensive services includes:

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Health and safety documents including; method statements, risk assessments, lift plans, personnel training records and equipment certs
  • Regular site visits to assess project requirements
  • CDM/health and safety management
  • Disconnection of services and dismantling of machinery
  • Match marking
  • Machinery loading to transport
  • Interim storage at Merritts warehousing facility
  • Machine transportation to customer site
  • Floor preparation including core drilling
  • Offloading and positioning
  • Aligning and levelling
  • Reconnection of main services
  • Export, packing and shipping services

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Fully qualified relocation contractor

Your project manager will be supported by a fully trained engineering team which comprises: SSSTS trained foremen, riggers, HGV Class 1 & 2 drivers, crane operators and electrical & mechanical engineering specialists. Merritts also employ fully certified slinger signallers, banksmen and appointed persons to provide competent supervision when carrying out the moving and lifting of heavy machinery and equipment.

Specialist Lifting Tackle

The latest machinery moving equipment

Underpinning our history of success and our ability to continually deliver a hassle-free plant relocation services to our customers, is our policy of continuous investment in new vehicles, versa lifts, lifting equipment and tackle. All equipment undergoes regular maintenance, inspection and testing procedures.

The Merritts fleet incorporates an extensive range of modern vehicles; most of which have been custom built to our own specification to fulfil the requirements of the machine transport industry.

Packing, Transportation, Storage & Relocation Following Machine Removal

As a specialist in machine removals, we can also offer a comprehensive and professional machinery packing, transportation and storage service.

We are able to safely package your machinery and equipment and have a fleet of vehicles, versa lifts and heavy machinery lifting equipment. These enable us to arrange transportation of machinery from your factory to any destination in the UK and Europe as well as most worldwide destinations.

If you are planning to remove the machine and need relocation services to transport and install the heavy machinery at another location, our factory relocation package is the ideal solution.

If you require short or long term industrial storage solutions, the Merritts’ secure industrial storage facility contains over 80,000 ft² of internal warehouse space on multiple sites. It is the ideal heavy machinery storage solution for manufacturers who need to remove a heavy machine from the factory floor due to a factory relocation.

Engel UK Injection Moulding Machine

We are pleased to be celebrating our 100 year anniversary

We are proud to announce that we are celebrating our 100th year as a company. Since 1922, it has been our goal to provide market leading services to our customers. Our policy of continuous investment in new vehicles, heavy lifting systems, specialist trailers and lifting tackle, as well as the ongoing training and development of our personnel ensures we remain at the forefront of the factory relocation industry.


We have provided manufacturing plant and industrial plant relocation services to the following companies:


  • Radius Systems
  • Pirelli
  • Polypipe Civils
  • DS Smith
  • Doncasters Bramah
  • Nissan
  • Coveris Flexibles
  • Walkers Midshire
  • Faccenda Group
  • Phillips Avent
  • Denso Manufacturing
  • Garner Holdings


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