Industrial Furnaces & Ovens

The size of industrial ovens, furnaces, and kilns, and the space available to manoeuvre within a factory requires both specialist expertise and the use of compact lifting equipment capable of handling the high value machinery in confined spaces to ensure the safe completion of installation projects.

Specialists In Moving Industrial Ovens and Furnaces

Merritts regularly carry out transportation and installation projects within the industrial furnace and ovens sector; successfully completing projects for gas or electrically powered furnace and oven manufacturers as well as companies that use heat treatment as part of their manufacturing processes. 

We have worked with manufacturers of aerospace and automotive parts, ceramics, brick, pharmaceutical and healthcare products, plastics, and food producers.

Installing and removing industrial ovens, furnaces and kilns can often require working within confined spaces. Our specialist lifting equipment includes a fleet of electric and gas powered Versa-Lift  fork trucks and pick and carry cranes which are perfect when space is at a minimum. This lifting equipment has unique componentry which enables them to perform tasks which would otherwise require larger, more expensive and cumbersome lifting equipment, therefore helping the customer save project time and money. The Versa-Lifts have a lifting capacity of 36Te and the pick and carry cranes have a lifting capacity of 60Te and are designed specifically to operate in areas where access is limited. This could potentially be a huge cost saving to the customer as it means that doorways or wall apertures do not need to be altered, as could have been the case with less sophisticated lifting technology.

Our quality turnkey industrial furnace relocation and moving service includes:

  • Lift and loading/offloading to new location
  • Transportation to new location
  • De-crating and de-stuffing
  • Removal of waste packaging
  • Installation package including mechanical and electrical services
  • Positioning
  • Aligning and levelling
  • Commissioning assistance for manufacturers
  • Storage services
  • Professional packaging services
  • Export services

Our health & safety team conduct on site audits to ensure safe working conditions. Risk assessments, method statements and lift plans are created for every project. All plant, lifting equipment and machinery moving tackle is LOLER tested at regular intervals.

OMAV Oven Installation

Furnace and Oven Moving Midlands

Our heavy machinery & equipment transport solutions incorporate an extensive range of modern vehicles and lifting plant; most of which have been custom built to our own specification to fulfil the requirements of the machinery transport and installation industry.

When discussing your project, we take great care to understand the complexities of each movement to determine the most suitable transport option and lifting equipment to utilise. This helps us to create a cost-effective project solution and protect those individuals involved in the project.

Our People

Our team understands that your reputation is one of the most important aspects of your business and as such we are always striving to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

All employees working on your project will arrive professionally dressed in our company uniform in our corporate colours and wearing all appropriate PPE. This ensures that the Merritts brand becomes an extension of your own.


As part of our commitment to deliver a professional and efficient service to our customers, it is our policy to continuously invest in vehicles, lifting equipment and tackle.

Our equipment includes:

  • Lorries and low loaders with 60Te transport capacity
  • Gas and electric Versa-Lift forklift trucks with 36Te lifting capacity
  • JMG MC pick and carry cranes with a lifting capacity up to 60Te
  • Lorry mounted cranes with 20Te lifting capacity
  • Enerpac Super Lift hydraulic gantry system with 125Te lifting capacity, ideal for lifting awkward plant and equipment
  • Our heavy lifting plant has wireless controls to ensure maximum precision and manoeuvrability.
  • Specialist tackle including jacks, machinery moving skates and lifting beams
  • Metal floor plates to ensure floor protection
  • Precision levelling instruments

Merritts has been in business for over 100 years

In 2022, were proud to celebrate our 100th year as a company. Since 1922, it has been our goal to provide market leading services to our customers. Our policy of continuous investment in new vehicles, heavy lifting systems, specialist trailers and lifting tackle, as well as the ongoing training and development of our personnel ensures we remain at the forefront of the specialist lifting industry.

Manufacturers we have worked for include:

  • Consarc
  • Almor
  • ALD
  • Carbolite Gero
  • JLS Ovens
  • Garnalex
  • OMAV
  • Caltherm