Industrial Storage

Merritts’ secure industrial storage facilities contain over 80,000 ft² of internal warehouse space on multiple sites. We are also an HMRC approved bonded facility which assists our customers with cash flow by deferring payment of customs duties and VAT on heavy machinery and other industrial equipment.

Industrial storage options to suit you

Whether you need a short term or long term secure storage, our industrial warehouse is ideally suited to meet your storage requirements as it is conveniently located in the East Midlands, with easy access from the M1. 

It is the ideal commercial storage solution for manufacturers who need to either remove a heavy machine from the factory floor due to factory relocations, internal factory machine moves to enable production line changes, or to make way for new machinery installations.

Our industrial storage facility is also an ideal location within which to carry out heavy machinery maintenance and refurbishment works. This secure heavy machinery storage facility provides 20Te overhead craneage, forklift trucks, Versa-Lifts and lorry mounted cranes to assist in handling and safely positioning your machinery or industrial equipment into our warehouse.

Secure industrial storage

Ensuring the safety and security of your equipment whilst in storage is a high priority. Upon arrival at our industrial storage facility your heavy machinery or industrial equipment will be checked and logged into our warehouse management system. It will then be transported into the secure area for storage.

All Merritts’ industrial storage warehouses are controlled by a warehouse manager and dedicated admin team. Our sites are enclosed with 2.4m palisade fencing and equipped with intruder alarms and CCTV to protect against break-ins and damage. We also only allow authorised personnel to enter the facility using hi-tech access control systems.

Our machinery storage package delivers a complete solution:

  • Collection of machinery/equipment
  • Transport to Merritts storage facility
  • Offload into our stores
  • Provide dedicated storage area for your items on a short or long term basis
  • Load to Merritts trailers for onward delivery
  • Transport to your required location and offload

We also have an HMRC approved bonded storage facility which enables machinery manufacturers, agents, distributors and buyers to defer VAT and customs payments.

The benefits of our industrial warehouse storage facilities include:

  • Flexible options for your heavy machinery and industrial equipment storage
  • Areas to carry out heavy machinery maintenance or refurbishment works
  • An area for PDI of heavy machinery
  • The ability to invite customers to see a demonstration of machinery in operation
  • A facility in which to train your staff on your machinery
  • A facility in which to allow your customers to train their staff on the machinery
  • Using the area as a showroom for potential customers


Industrial storage





Competitive Industrial Storage Cost

Rates start from £0.15 per ft² per week (£1.62 per m² per week). We are able to provide insurance for the transport of equipment into stores, the offloading and handling, and then insurance to store goods whilst in our facility.

Workshop Facilities

Our industrial storage facility has overhead cranes capable of lifting 20Te. This heavy lifting equipment is particularly useful for customers who require dedicated space to lift machinery in order to carry out repairs and maintenance.

Customs Warehouse Storage

Our HMRC approved bonded warehouse storage is of benefit to UK machinery agents and distributors who may import machines that have not yet been sold. They are also used by manufacturers who have purchased machinery in advance of the completion of the site where it will be installed.  By using our bonded warehousing storage, our customers are able to buy machinery when the best deals or finance is available, whilst also deferring payment of import duty and VAT.

Please note we do not offer wet bonded storage with storage unit facilities for tobacco, alcohol or other small imported goods.

Why use our industrial storage facility?

High ceilings and large spaces mean we have the ability to store literally anything.

We specialise in all types of large industrial style machinery. This includes printing presses, lithographic presses, textile manufacturing machinery, food processing machinery, CNC machine tools, injection moulding equipment, extrusion machines and furnaces.

New and used machinery dealers who are buying and selling machinery and need space to store equipment or carry our refurbishments also find our industrial storage services very useful. This may be because they have not yet found a buyer, or the customer site is not ready for the machine to be installed. In these circumstances our warehouse provides the ideal site for prospective customers to inspect the machine or to see it in operation.

A company that builds modular housing also approached us to store individual housing blocks whilst they were in the midst of relocating to another housing development.

In the past, we have even stored commercial freezers for food manufacturers, insulation and foam blocks for a mattress manufacturer, and high value vehicles for a car manufacturer. We have even stored large scale metal monumental statues if their construction has been finished before the site is ready for install.

As you can see, we have space to store anything that is large and industrial.

We have provided flexible heavy duty commercial storage solutions to the following companies:

  • Komori
  • Recticel
  • Futures Housing
  • Doosan Babcock
  • ETG Bridgport
  • Walkers Midshire Foods
  • Hexagon Metrology
  • Billion UK

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