Uses for Heavy Machinery Storage Facilities

Based in Nottinghamshire, Merritts Machinery Logistics has over 80,000 ft² of internal warehouse space on multiple sites. We are also an HMRC approved bonded warehouse facility.

Heavy Machinery Storage Facilities

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the reasons why machinery manufacturers, agents, distributors and manufacturing companies may choose to use our highly secure storage facilities.

  1. Machinery no longer in production

As a busy production manager, part of your role will be to identify when a machine is no longer cost efficient and present the business case for an alternative machine or production layout.

This could potentially leave a problem with the disposal of the existing machinery, particularly if it is a valuable asset on the company balance sheet meaning that, for the time being at least, it can’t be scrapped, or perhaps it has some resale value to a smaller company.

In these circumstances we can arrange for the collection of the machine and to then store it in our facility where it can be refurbished for re-sale or stored until it can be removed from the company balance sheet and disposed of.

  1. When the machinery buyer is not ready for the install

Machinery manufacturers have also used our facility when they have not had sufficient space to store the machines that they have had to manufacture in advance of finding buyers in order to maintain the efficiency of production schedules.

Also, the availability of preferential finance, a special offer from a machine manufacturer or favourable foreign exchange rates can sometimes mean buying a machine before a factory is ready to have it installed makes good business sense, even when the cost of storage is factored in.

We are able to store machinery on behalf of the machine manufacturer or machine owner until the factory is ready for installation or the machine has been purchased.

  1. Bonded Storage

If the machine is being imported and VAT and other duties are payable, storing the machine in a bonded warehouse facility can help defer the date of these payments. This can be a huge benefit to the business and its cashflow planning.

  1. Machinery rationalisation / Used machinery dealers buying stock for resale

Very often, a company carrying out machinery rationalisation or a factory that is closing down will present a second-hand heavy machinery re-seller with the ideal opportunity to buy an entire factory full of machines.

However, this often means buying the full inventory of machines and the dealer has little chance to assess the condition and value of each individual item.

Transporting the machines to our storage facilities provides the ideal place to store the machinery, carry out refurbishments, take photos and create technical spec sheets. We also provide an ideal place for would be buyers to inspect the machinery.

  1. Machinery refurbishment facility

Due to the size of our storage facility, the height of the roof space and the availability of a wide range of heavy lifting and moving equipment, our storage facility makes the ideal place for engineers to carry out machine refurbishments.

  1. Central hub for onward UK delivery

One of the many benefits of our Midlands location is that we are central to most major ports and transport networks, we are therefore ideally placed as an interim storage facility.

  1. Machinery training, pre delivery inspections and customer demonstrations

Our facility is a perfect location to train staff on how to use a machine, carry out pre delivery inspections or give potential customers the opportunity to see the machine prior to purchase.

Can we help with your heavy machinery storage needs?

Our storage facilities are ideal for clients requiring either short or long term warehouse storage, or an area to carry out machinery maintenance and refurbishment works.

To discover how we can meet your heavy machinery storage needs, please complete an enquiry form.


September 23, 2019 by Richard Merritt

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