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Environmental Sustainability in Heavy Machinery Moving

In an era where environmental sustainability is paramount, companies industry wide are seeking innovative solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. Heavy machinery moving, an essential aspect of various industries, often comes with significant environmental impacts.
James Merritt – March 4, 2024
Sustainable Heavy Machinery Transportation

The importance of choosing the right heavy machinery moving company

When embarking on any procurement process, best practice usually guides the buyer towards ensuring the chosen supplier has the necessary skills, industry experience and track record to provide the services required.
James Merritt – June 12, 2023
Choosing the right heavy machinery moving company

Use new corporation tax relief to fund new equipment and machinery

A new policy, that replaces the “130% super-deduction” unveiled in March 2021 has been introduced called “Full Expensing” and companies that pay corporation tax may be able to utilise this tax relief to invest in new equipment and machinery.
D. Hardy – June 5, 2023
corporation tax relief fund

Merritts Expand Industrial Storage Space To Over 100,000 sqft

We’re delighted to announce that we have been able to expand our industrial storage capacity by a further 20,000 sqft in order to accommodate the rising demand from our customers.
Richard Merritt – May 9, 2023
Industrial storage

How to Plan a Factory Relocation

Having been in the machinery moving industry for over 100 years, we understand that it can be a daunting task to plan the successful relocation of heavy and valuable machinery from one site to another. The article below identifies potential hazards that need to be taken into consideration when planning a factory relocation project.
James Merritt – May 2, 2023
Manufacturing trends impacting factory relocation in 2023

Summer Shutdown – Are You Moving Your Machinery?

For the manufacturing industry, the summer shutdown period has always been a key date in the diary.
D. Hardy – April 26, 2023
Merritts Heavy Machinery Movers

CDM Regulations and their relevance to heavy machinery moving projects

In this article we highlight how CDM 2015 needs to be applied within heavy machinery moving projects and how Merritts ensures operations will comply to the regulations. We will cover: • A brief explanation of CDM regulations • Highlight the type of factory construction projects that will need to factor CDM • Health & Safety and CDM • How Merritts ensure compliance on factory move projects • Further reference reading
Lincoln Marks – February 13, 2023
CDM 2015

2022 Heavy Machinery Moving Overview

As 2023 gets fully underway, in our article we highlight some the key heavy machinery moving projects we carried out through 2022 which provides an insight into our operational expertise.
James Merritt – January 19, 2023
Factory Relocation | Heavy Machinery Moving

Top manufacturing trends that will affect factory relocation in 2023

As the new year gets underway, we've been looking ahead to the 2023 trends in manufacturing that we think will impact heavy machinery moving, installation and factory relocation projects.
D. Hardy – January 10, 2023
Manufacturing trends impacting factory relocation in 2023

Moving your machinery during the Easter shutdown period?

Whilst some will be looking forward to a well-deserved break during the Easter shutdown period, a busy production manager will be tasked with coordinating the installation of new machinery, the improvement of operational efficiencies or perhaps even a factory relocation project.
James Merritt – January 7, 2023
Easter Shutdown Machinery Moving

Understanding Customers – Heavy Machinery Moving is our DNA

One of the most important aspects of our marketing strategy and a regular discussion topic, especially when we are writing our news and advice articles, is to ensure we understand the profile of companies that need a heavy matching moving service or embarking on a factory relocation project.
James Merritt – January 4, 2023
Lorry Mounted Cranes | heavy machinery moving