Sustainable Heavy Machinery Transportation

Merritts recognises its responsibility to be part of the solution regarding sustainability and is dedicated to making a positive impact by addressing environmental issues.

Sustainable Heavy Machinery Transportation

In May 2019, the UK Government announced its 25 year plan to improve the environment for a greener future and urged businesses to become more socially responsible and set themselves sustainable development goals that align with the ambitious UK target of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

How are Merritts meeting sustainability targets?

In response to the Government’s plea to urge businesses to become more sustainable and environmentally aware of their everyday practices, Merritts has devised an environmental sustainability plan on how to provide a clean heavy machinery transportation service.

According to recent articles, employees are likely to choose to work for, and stay with, a company that has a strong sustainability plan.

So, what are the policies Merritts have put in place?

Electric Lifting Equipment

Since 2006, Merritts heavy machinery movers have invested heavily in fully electric lifting equipment. This includes forklift trucks, Versa-Lift trucks, jacking systems, and pick & carry cranes. These pieces of equipment produce no pollution and are quiet when in operation.

Our electric Versa-Lift trucks, especially, have become a crucial asset that enable us to move machinery in environments where noise and pollution reduction is a priority.

Merritts also recently made a £650k investment in two electric JMG pick and carry cranes. This investment in electric technology will further develop our service offering, enabling us to meet the unique demands of machinery manufacturers, agents, distributors, and manufacturing companies.

Vehicles and Vans

All modes of transportation used by Merritts comply with all the current regulations on exhaust CO2 emissions, and noise levels, which apply to vehicles of their age, type, and design. All new vehicles that are acquired are up to the relevant Euro standard on emissions release.

All the diesel, and lubricants, used in the vehicles are up to the relevant British Standard, so are clean fuels, this includes the use of low sulphur diesel.

Our fleet is regularly serviced and inspected to ensure the vehicles are in the best possible condition on the road. Good condition vehicles mean more efficient vehicles, which use less fuel. HGVs are fitted with aerodynamic devices to reduce drag, thus cutting the amount of fuel consumed. All vehicles in the fleet are subjected to speed limiters, which allow the vehicles to be driven at their optimum level for fuel consumption.

Merritts are also aware of the amount of pollution that can be reduced by encouraging good driving practices. Vehicles are fitted with sophisticated monitoring systems to analyse driving performance which helps to reduce both wear on the vehicles and also the amount of fuel consumed.

Car charging points have also been installed at our headquarters in Nottinghamshire. Company cars used by sales representatives are either hybrid or fully electric vehicles to promote sustainable transport.

Waste Disposal

As part of our daily business operations, Merritts must dispose of several products which are pollutants: Oil, diesel, and chemicals. To dispose of these pollutants, we only employ authorised and licensed disposal agencies, which have the facilities to dispose of them properly.

The awareness of the environment that is held by all members of staff is also being promoted to our suppliers and subcontractors, to ensure that our expectations as a company are not diminished by others. At all times we try to promote a better environment, both to members of staff but also to our customers and supply chain.

If you are looking for a long-term partner to help you with heavy machinery removals, transportation, or storage requirements, Merritts is here to help.


October 4, 2021 by D. Hardy

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