Ecommerce Surge Fuels Demand For Industrial Storage

The creation of new distribution centres to meet the increased demand for space by logistics operations continues to rise. However, experts are saying that despite this rapid new build programme, there will still not be enough storage space to meet future needs.

Industrial machinery storage

Fuelled by the explosive growth in ecommerce, for the second year running, they are warning that there is less than a years’ supply of warehousing that has not already been reserved, purchased, or leased.

If this proves to be the case, and the demand for industrial storage space does not slow down, companies will undoubtedly be looking for alternative industrial storage solutions.

Indeed, here at Merritts we have certainly seen a surge in enquiries from businesses wanting to store goods and reserve space for times when they need additional storage facilities.

With this in mind, we have also expanded our industrial storage capacity and now have several multi-functional sites from which we can offer over 100,000 ft² of secure internal warehouse industrial storage.

High ceilings, large access doors, and secure premises means we have the ability to store large, heavy, and high value machinery and equipment for our customers.

The Benefits of Merritts Storage Services:

Dedicated Storage Area
Merritts are able to provide a dedicated storage area, exclusively for the use of the customer. Many of our customers take advantage of this service as it provides them with flexibility for their ongoing storage needs.

Conveniently located in the East Midlands, with easy access from the M1, whether you need a short or long term secure storage solution, our industrial warehouse is ideally suited to meet your requirements.

Lifting & Handling Services
With heavy duty forklift trucks, Versa Lifts, lorry mounted cranes, pick & carry cranes, lifting gantries and warehouses fitted with overhead craneage, Merritts are well equipped to deal with any lifting scenario, no matter how heavy or complex.

All Merritts’ industrial storage warehouses are controlled by a warehouse manager and dedicated admin team. Our sites are enclosed with 2.4m palisade fencing and equipped with intruder alarms and CCTV. We also only allow authorised personnel to enter the facility, using access control systems.

Experienced Operatives
Our operatives can be on hand should you require safe access to any of your goods. We will be able to arrange a loading and transport team at short notice should you require your items transferred to an alternative location.

Competitive Storage & Insurance Rates
Storage rates are competitive and completely bespoke based each client’s requirements. We are also able to provide insurance for the transport of equipment into stores, the offloading and handling, and then insurance to store goods whilst in our facility.

If you would like to discuss how Merritts might be able to help provide a flexible solution to meet the demand for additional industrial storage solutions, please get in touch.

Industrial storage

April 8, 2022 by D. Hardy

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