Scaling up for Christmas: Industrial Storage & Heavy Machinery Movers

There are some unique external factors that are beginning to impact manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers on the run up to Christmas.

Scaling up for Christmas | Merritts Heavy Machinery Movers

The news headlines are currently full of stories about panic buying, driver shortages impacting delivery, and supply chain problems that are affecting the price and availability of raw materials. The combined effect of these factors will undoubtedly lead to product shortages over the coming months.

To offset these risks, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers will be trying to bulk buy goods, source alternative materials, and explore ways to ramp up production to ensure they can meet demand and not lose sales.

This may mean companies are running out of storage space for raw materials and excess or surplus stock and need alternative storage solutions.

In addition, production managers and planning teams may also be reviewing capacity and considering changes to the configuration of their production lines to boost productivity, as well as considering the installation of additional machinery to increase output.

Historically, the months leading up to Christmas are particularly busy for the food & drink industry, the packaging industry, as well as manufacturers of toys, games and electronics that rely on injection moulded and machined parts.

How can Merritts help?

The core areas where we can help in the above scenarios are:

Industrial Storage

Our secure industrial storage facilities contain over 80,000 ft² of internal warehouse space on multiple sites. We specialise in storing heavy manufacturing machinery and production equipment but have the ability to store a wide variety of goods. In the past, we have stored palletised loads of surplus and excess stock, commercial freezers for food manufacturers, insulation and foam blocks for a mattress manufacturer, and power station motors, generators, and impellers.

Our facility has 20Te overhead craneage, forklift trucks, Versa-Lifts, pick & carry cranes, gantry systems, and lorry mounted cranes to assist in handling and safely positioning items into our warehouse.

Internal Machine Moves

Merritts understand that production line changes can be a major disruption. We will work with you to obtain a thorough understanding of your business and manufacturing process. Project planning is optimised to make sure resources are continually maximised and we can also arrange for machinery movements to take place out of hours and at weekends if necessary to ensure production down time in minimised.

New Machinery Installation

Buying new machinery is a huge investment, so it is not wise to compromise on quality when arranging the delivery and installation. Merritts provide a safe and professional collection, delivery, and installation service for manufacturing machinery and production equipment. The Merritts fleet consists of new vehicles and lifting equipment, and are liveried in our corporate colours, which extends to the operatives’ uniforms, ensuring the Merritts brand becomes an extension of the customer’s.

Christmas Shutdown Availability

Christmas may be a time for employee holidays and shutdown for many manufacturers, but for others, an empty factory is also an ideal time to move heavy machinery or carry out refurbishments and maintenance. We have availability for machine moving teams over the Christmas holiday period, so if you are considering any of the above works, we’re here to help.

If you are looking for a partner to help you with internal machinery moves, transportation, or industrial storage requirements, please get in touch.

October 25, 2021 by James Merritt

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