Industrial Storage: Construction delays impacting machinery installation schedules

We are beginning to see a rise in demand for industrial storage solutions for heavy machinery as a result of construction delays on new build factories, extensions, and refurbishment projects.

Industrial storage

These delays are being caused by a shortage of labour and construction materials which have also significantly increased in price. The global pandemic has delayed the arrival of goods into the UK, and workers being placed on furlough has caused a shortage of skilled labour. Demand for construction workers is at a 20 year high, and according to the ONS there were 30,000 vacancies being advertised between April to June 2021.

The supply of cement, plasterboard and insulation is also being rationed by manufacturers as a result of growing evidence from across the construction sector of severe and sustained disruption to the availability of these products and other vital materials.

The knock-on effect is that projects to build new factories, extensions, or refurbish existing manufacturing facilities, are also not meeting deadlines. This means the date on which the heavy production machinery was planned to be installed has also had to be delayed because the building is not ready.

The problem that arises is that the factory owner or the machinery manufacturer may not have space to store their heavy machinery securely, and in a safe environment where it will not be at risk of damage or contamination from building works.

In addition, the timing of the delivery of the machinery may be linked to other transportation considerations and the availability of special offers, financing deals and cashflow.

Merritts Industrial Storage Solutions

Merritts’ secure industrial storage facilities contain over 80,000 ft² of internal warehouse space on multiple sites.

Whether you need a short term or long-term secure industrial storage solution, our warehouse is ideally suited to meet these storage requirements. It is conveniently located in the East Midlands, with easy access from the M1.

If you have ordered your machinery from an overseas supplier, we are also an HMRC approved bonded facility which means you will be able to defer payment of customs duties and VAT on heavy machinery and other industrial equipment until the items are removed from storage.

We can provide all the required heavy lifting and machinery transport services, as well as offer insurance for the transport of equipment into stores, the offloading and handling, and then insurance to store goods whilst in our facility.

If you are looking for a partner to help you with heavy machinery removals, transportation, or storage requirements, please get in touch.



September 30, 2021 by Richard Merritt

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