Asset Relocation Programmes – Heavy Machine Moves

How we are helping manufacturing companies relocate heavy machinery assets to meet social distancing guidelines and improve workflow.

Asset Relocation Programme

Over the last few months we have witnessed that many of the manufacturing companies to which we provide heavy machinery moving services are having to reconsider their factory layout to meet social distancing guidelines.

Sectors which have seen a surge in demand such as food, drink, pharmaceutical and healthcare are also having to consider how they can increase production capacity by re-commissioning under-used or mothballed machines or by investing in new machinery. The availability of financial incentives from the government [link to blog] are also fuelling a review of machinery assets as manufacturers seek ways to improve workflows.

Which manufacturing sectors will be planning asset relocation programmes ?

In August, we contemplated this question in another of our blog articles and we are seeing a continuing trend as manufacturers address issues caused by a rise or fall in demand for their products and seek to protect their business interests by optimising production line performance or relocating production to other locations.

When embarking on any review of machinery assets there are a number of considerations that will determine the future viability of heavy machines. Operational safety, age, performance, and its reliability record are key factors that will be used to identify assets that are not meeting performance standards. One of the most valuable aspects of asset management is identifying and eliminating factors that will downgrade performance.

How can Merritts help?

Merritts regularly work with customers who are embarking on an asset relocation programme. Our works have included providing health and safety advice to ensure internal machinery moves are completed safely and potential risks that may affect the move are eradicated. In providing this preliminary advice, we help to ensure that any potential pitfalls are anticipated and machinery moving projects are completed safely and on time. Our aim is to help you achieve production line efficiency and ensure that manufacturing can be restored as soon as possible.

In addition to internal machine moving, we can also offer machinery installation and machine removal services. Both of these services are fully comprehensive to include machinery transportation and storage.

Our industrial storage facility has proven to be particularly useful to companies when the asset needs to remain on a balance sheet and therefore cannot be sent off for metal recycling.

If it is identified that an asset needs to have comprehensive maintenance and repair work carried out, our industrial storage facility is fully equipped with the all relevant lifting equipment to ensure engineers will be able to access all areas of the machinery.

October 1, 2020 by Lincoln Marks

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