Bronze Statue Installation at Doncaster Sheffield Airport

Abnormal Load Installation

Merritts were appointed to install a bronze statue and new granite base at Doncaster Sheffield “Robin Hood” Airport.

Company Profile: Installed on behalf of a company offering project design and project management services.

Project Outline:  
To install a bronze statue and new granite base at Doncaster Sheffield “Robin Hood” Airport as part of 3 stage process.

Project Details

The complex and prestigious installation comprised of 3 phases. 

A trial lift of the hollow bronze statue of Robin Hood was carried out, out of the public view to establish points of balance and the correct weight.

Once the trial was completed, the installation of two sections of an oval polished granite plinth could begin. Due to each section of the plinth weighing 1.3 tonnes, a forklift was required to lift on to a machinery bogie.

The plinths then had to be transported through the operational airport concourse across 60 metres of newly installed polished marble floor. To protect the floor our operatives constructed a protective trackway of plywood and heavy polythene sheeting. The plinth sections were then lifted into position onto a 7-metre high pedestrian mezzanine level over a glass and stainless steel balustrade.

This part of the installation required detailed CAD lifting plans and further floor protection with aluminium load bearing panels to remove point loading under the crane outriggers.

The crane selected for the job was Unic tracked mini-crane with remote control; ideal for the restricted access via doors of less than 2.5m x 1.75m. Power for the crane was provided by a silent-pack diesel generator positioned outside of the building.

This operation was then repeated at a later date to move and install the statue body.

Throughout the project, all work on site had to be undertaken after the last departure at 11pm and before the first passenger arrivals at 5am.

Equipment allowed in the building was restricted to electrically operated, as duty free retail stores were situated within 5 metres of the working area.


Lifting Equipment 

  • Industrial Forklifts
  • Mini Crane
  • Crane Outrigger
  • Machinery Bogie