New Additions to the Fleet

Following an extremely positive reaction to our sales and marketing strategy we have had a huge increase in requirement for our services which has resulted in the acquisition of 2 brand new Scania vehicles.


We ultimately decided to purchase Scania trucks as we have always found Scania to be totally reliable, to have excellent functionality and also have extremely good aesthetics, which is very important in our specialist sector.

They are also Euro 5 compliant which is our minimum company standard requirement. Both vehicles are fitted with bespoke lorry mounted cranes capable of lifting equipment up to 15 Te in weight which enables us to offer a solution for machinery that is to be moved between two different sites without the need for separate transport and mobile craneage. We seek to continually improve and develop our service portfolio to retain our position as a market leader and we believe the purchase of these new vehicles will facilitate this.

October 31, 2013 by D. Hardy

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