JMG Pick and Carry Cranes

With a pick and carry capacity of 58 Tonnes, Merritts fully electric cabin cruiser cranes will be available for long or short term higher throughout the UK and will be accompanied by a fully trained operator.

A “Clean” Lifting and Transportation Option for Moving Heavy Machinery

Our fleet of pick and carry cranes are capable of lifting and carrying up to 58Te in a single piece.

The JMG cranes are fully electric, meaning they are a great heavy machinery moving option for ‘clean’ industries such as food, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, where hygiene and cleanliness are of paramount importance.

The crane’s unique componentry enables it to perform tasks which would otherwise require larger and more expensive lifting equipment, and its compact dimensions allow access to congested factory sites with ease.

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The Benefits of Merritts' Pick and Carry Cranes

  • 58Te lift and carry capacity. Heavy machinery and equipment can be lifted and removed from the facility in one operation. This provides time and cost savings for the customer.
  • Quick set up time. This will further assist in carrying out projects more efficiently and will again lead to time and cost savings for the customer.
  • 8 non-stop working hours on a full battery charge. This ensures there will be no delays on site due to recharging issues.
  • Compact design. This is extremely useful where access is limited within a facility.
  • Fully electric, therefore zero emissions. Perfect for sensitive environments where noise and pollution need to be kept to a minimum.
  • Non marking tyres. This ensures new floors remain looking that way.
  • 180 degree rear steering with counter rotation to enable precision operability in confined spaces.
  • Electronic safe load indicator and tilting moment limiter to further enhance safety when the crane is in operation.
  • Hydraulically operated telescopic boom and removable counter weights for a variety of lifting scenarios.

Merritts MC580 Cabin Crane

Merritts Health and Safety Promise

Our cranes will be available for long or short term hire throughout the UK and will be accompanied by a fully trained operator.

Where the cranes are utilised, as with all Merritts projects, customers can expect to receive comprehensive health and safety documentation, submitted for prior approval before commencement of works: Bespoke lift plans will be created, along with risk assessments, method statement, and all relevant personnel training certificates, and plant and vehicle maintenance records will be provided.


Remove & Relocate Engineering Machinery at the University of Sheffield

Industries that will benefit from our pick and carry cranes

  • Aerospace and Defence
  • Automotive
  • Food and Drink
  • Furnaces and Ovens
  • Nuclear
  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
  • Plastics and Rubber