Which is best – LPG or battery powered Versa-Lift truck?

In this article we discuss the pro's and con's of LPG versus battery powered Versa-Lift trucks and the factors that influence which to use on a heavy machinery moving project.

LPG or Battery Powered Versa-Lift Truck

The location of the heavy machinery moving project, access to power, the business activities taking place onsite, and project demand are factors used to determine whether an LPG or battery powered Versa-Lift truck will be most suitable for your project. The decision may also be based on factors that relate to noise and contamination.

Business operations

Operations on sites that involve food, pharmaceuticals, natural fibres, chemicals, textiles and nuclear power will benefit from the use of battery powered Versa-Lifts to avoid contamination from fuel vapours and emissions.

Electric powered Versa-Lifts also operate more quietly than LPG versions so will be used in environments where noise reduction is a priority.

Access to power

Merritts carry out preliminary site surveys for all heavy machinery moving projects and an assessment of power requirements will be included in this.

Project demand

Where possible, if a project requires the use of a Versa-Lift for long interrupted periods, we will use LPG versions as these offer a longer operating duration than a battery powered option, which will require regular charging.

Our fleet

Merritts has a fleet of modern LPG and electric Versa-Lifts to hire with a fully trained and experienced operator. Our fleet includes: Versa-Lift 25/35, 40/60 and 60/80 models which have the capability to lift and carry machinery weighing up to 17Te, 27Te and 36Te respectively.

Versa-Lifts operate on a moving counterweight principle allowing them to be up to 50% smaller than fork trucks using static counterweight technology. This enables the truck to lift extremely heavy items either with the standard forks or by the use of a specially designed jib attachment while remaining compact therefore aiding transport and manoeuvrability. This also allows the Versa-Lifts to access areas that would not be accessible by conventional lifting equipment such as mobile or lorry mounted cranes.

We operate throughout the whole of the UK and will deliver the required Versa-Lift to your desired destination. If you have any urgent heavy machinery movement works that require immediate attention, or you have a future project that you would like to discuss, please get in touch.

June 3, 2019 by Richard Merritt

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