What are the Health and Safety Requirements for Machinery Removal Projects?

A key benefit of partnering with Merritts when planning a heavy machinery removal or installation project is the fact that our Health and Safety team is headed by an ex HSE inspector, Lincoln Marks.

Heavy Machinery Removal

Even if you have previously managed several heavy machinery moving projects, we think the insight outlined below is important as it helps to provide our customers with even more confidence that all aspects of health and safety management have been considered.

Feedback obtained from our customers shows they are extremely satisfied that the proposals and documentation we present when moving heavy machinery include all the actions necessary to ensure the safety of all people involved within a project.

This in turn helps to maintain the reputations of our customers as it significantly reduces the possibility of any incidents occurring that may need to be reported to the HSE. This will also have a positive impact on their insurance premiums; if all aspects of health and safety are considered, less claims will be made.

Similarly, a machine moving project that goes ahead as planned without a H&S incident means that the impact on productivity is well managed as people haven’t been injured or machinery damaged.

Key machine moving H&S considerations

When planning a machinery removal project, customers may get in touch with us for initial advice because they may not know the full health and safety requirements that need to be considered.

Our heavy machinery moving process includes the following aspects:

A site specific risk assessment

  • We review floor conditions for load bearing integrity and identify any other possible issues such as uneven ground or the placement of any manhole covers and gutters etc. that may be affect machinery moving.
  • Arrangements for cordoning off the areas where the machine is being transported or installed to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Traffic restrictions and the need for traffic regulation orders if road transportation is required
  • The specific requirements for personal protection equipment (PPE)
  • Consideration of any access restrictions such as doorways, ceiling heights etc
  • The requirement for operating out of standard working hours.

Detailed planning

Merritts provide a comprehensive health and safety pack that is submitted to all customers for approval before works commence. This means that if our customers have any queries and would like to amend anything, the necessary changes can be implemented.

This H&S pack includes detailed lifting plans to address the foreseeable risks involved in the work and to ensure that there is also a clear understanding of how the lift is to be executed. We account for numerous factors when designing lift plans for our customer’s projects. These include:

  • Attaching/detaching and securing loads
  • Weight distribution of the machinery/equipment that is being lifted
  • Visibility
  • Environment
  • Pre-use checking
  • Overload
  • Location
  • Proximity hazards
  • Working under suspended loads
  • Derating
  • Overturning
  • Continuing integrity of the equipment

A method statement is provided for all works, which comprehensively explains how works are to be carried out. We include SOP’s (safe operating procedures) for all machinery and equipment that is to be used in the project, as well as providing a full suite of training records for our operatives and inspection certification for any lifting plant that is being utilised.

All of this information gives our customers confidence that their investments will be handled safely.


It’s a well understood fact that plans also need to be fully understood, so an integral part of our service includes Toolbox Talks.  This is where we brief all site personnel prior to works commencing to ensure they fully understand the lifting plans, timescales, machinery movements and health and safety requirements for the project including PPE specification. All Merritts staff wear branded uniforms and hi-vis clothing so that they are instantly recognisable when working on site and represent our customers in a professional manner.

Owing to our attention to detail, knowledge of health and safety issues, ongoing staff training program and the regular maintenance of transportation and lifting equipment, we are very proud of our health and safety record when carrying out projects.

If you are considering a heavy machinery removal, relocation or installation project, need to temporarily store new or redundant heavy machinery, or simply need space to carry out servicing and maintenance, please get in touch.

April 20, 2020 by James Merritt

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