Specialist Equipment Carried In Tackle Vans For Heavy Machinery Lifting Projects

The scoping exercise we carry out as part of our detailed process to assess the size and complexity of each heavy machinery lifting project will also determine the transport and lifting equipment requirements.

Heavy machinery lifting

Whilst all of our transportation trailers are equipped with their own tackle box, more complex projects will be supported by a tackle van driven by an experienced foreman.

Merritts is continuously investing in lifting equipment and vehicles to meet the growing demand for machinery movement services in the UK. This includes a modern fleet of customised Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans which have all been kitted out with bespoke toolboxes containing the specialist tackle that will be required to ensure the loading, off-loading and movement of machinery is completed in a safe and cost efficient manner.

What tackle?

Our tackle vans are fully equipped with a range of portable lifting jacks including; manual pull lifts, skates, claw jacks, bottle jacks, and toe jacks. There is a wide range of 100% polyester flat woven webbing slings capable of lifting a variety of weights and object circumferences with lifting rings and shackles and leg chains.

The van is also equipped with personal protection equipment including safety harnesses, lanyard restraints and fall arrest equipment that our skilled rigging operatives will wear whilst carrying out works.

The vans are also equipped with a range of corded and cordless portable tools such as drills and angle grinders.


As you would expect we take health and safety very seriously. Former HSE inspector Lincoln Marks is our health and safety manager and a vital aspect of his role is to ensure all equipment is regularly inspected and fully certified.

All lifting accessories are subject to safety inspections every 6 months by an external body and equipment is always inspected before use by our trained slinger signallers. New equipment has a declaration of conformity in accordance to machinery directive 2006/42/EEC or other relevant regulations such as BSEN1492-1:2000+1A1:2008. All portable electrical equipment is PAT tested to ensure its safe use.

If you are considering a heavy machinery movement project and would like advice, the Merritts team will be happy to help. With nearly 100 years of experience, we have the specialist equipment and knowledge to deal with any machinery moving scenario.

Heavy machinery lifting

December 10, 2019 by James Merritt

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