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How do Merritts help the food and drink industry?

Carrying out successful machinery moving projects in the food and drink industry means having an acute awareness of the need to work to strict hygiene standards.
D. Hardy – July 15, 2020
Food and Drink Machinery Movers

Merritts Machine Movers Invest in New Vehicles

Merritts Machine Movers recently completed the purchase of two brand new Mercedes Benz Actros 2651 Gigaspace tractor units to add to the companies current fleet of  specialist vehicles.
D. Hardy – September 26, 2014

Industrial Storage | Keeping your assets safe and sound

As part of Merritt’s bespoke services we provide safe and secure industrial storage services for large loads and industrial equipment. This is often essential when equipment is being mothballed, sold on or can’t be transported to its final destination for a period of time. It is a key component of our comprehensive logistics services, although we also offer use of the storage facilities as a standalone service.
D. Hardy – September 5, 2014
Storage Services

Merritts Increase Versa-Lift Fleet

Merritts have increased their current vehicle fleet with the acquisition of two new versa-lift trucks, an electric 25/35 E and a 60/80, the new models have been designed to lift heavy machinery and will be used in conjunction with the family firms existing fleet of vehicles.
Alan Cundy – August 21, 2014
heavy machinery movers

Big machine movers for the UK and beyond

Every year Merritts' Big Machine Movers handle over 100,000 Tonnes of precision engineered machinery, moving it from A to B in the safest and most efficient way possible. Because that's a mind-boggling figure to get your head around we've created this infographic of comparatively huge items to illustrate just how much all those big machine moves can add up.
D. Hardy – August 20, 2014

We love it when a plan comes together

Proper routines and procedures are essential for every job that we do, because each machine move is unique and presents its own set of challenges. By putting thorough planning and preparation into a big move we make sure there are few variables and that we reduce the chance of any problems. But every now and then a project comes along that needs us to do something new or adapt to certain circumstances in order to get the job done...
D. Hardy – July 16, 2014

Getting Heavy Machinery Health and Safety Right Every Time

Although we’re expert machine movers we don’t just measure our work in tonnes and miles. When transporting large, expensive equipment we focus on the detail, ensuring each project is handled with care and exacting precision. This way we can guarantee the safety of the high value loads and, more importantly, the safety of our team and the public. That’s why we don’t leave anything to chance.
James Merritt – June 18, 2014
Heavy Machinery Health and Safety