Merritts Owner and Managing Director gives his 2019 business predictions

East Midlands Business Link Magazine recently sat down with Merritts, Owner and Managing Director, James Merritt to get his 2019 business predictions.

James Merritt | Merritts Heavy Machinery Movers

“In our business, we generally thrive in either a boom or bust economy. An uncertain economy, which has recently been the case, usually results in a fairly static order book. This was certainly the trend as we worked up to the Christmas break.

However, 2019 has started positively, and we’ve had a flurry of enquiries from manufacturers across all sectors who want our help to move and install machinery or re-configure their assembly lines.

It is therefore my prediction that more businesses will make a conscious decision to brush aside previous concerns over future trade agreements and will choose to determine their own destinies. The evidence we are seeing is that businesses are pushing forward with bold decisions in order to shape their own success.

My other prediction is that there will be an increase in health and safety legislation from regulatory bodies who have the remit to ensure businesses are fully committed to achieving the highest levels of health and safety performance.

As a heavy machinery moving specialist, we are expected to demonstrate that our industry leading practices are continually evaluated and improved. Our decision to appoint an ex HSE inspector to manage our approach to health and safety has provided greater focus on educating personnel and establishing safer working practices.

I am pleased to say that this development has been positively received by our clients and our commitment to continual improvement in this area will ensure our services remain in high demand.”

February 4, 2019 by Richard Merritt

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