Merritts Machine Movers Invest in New Vehicles

Merritts Machine Movers recently completed the purchase of two brand new Mercedes Benz Actros 2651 Gigaspace tractor units to add to the companies current fleet of  specialist vehicles.


The new Actros 2651 6×4 cabs will be the first Mercedes models that Merritts will have operated in their 92 year history and the family firm will be using the vehicles to carry specialist loads, heavy machines and assist with factory relocation throughout the UK.

The new tractor units have been designed to carry up to 44 tonnes of gross trailer weight (gtw) under normal operations and up to 80 tonnes under the current STGO Category 2 regulations.  The new vehicles also feature the largest Gigaspace cab that Mercedes Benz currently offer to their commercial customers, which means greater comfort, space and practicality for the operator.

A wider selection of fuel efficient engines, ranging from a standard 175kW (238hp) unit up to a 460kW (625hp) unit, mean that the 2651 6×4 cab meets the current Euro 5 fuel efficiency and emissions regulations and offers far greater performance than the previous model.

The new vehicles will join Merritts’ existing fleet of Volvo and Scania cabs which are currently used on a regular basis to load, offload and transport heavy machinery for customers throughout the UK. The Actros is widely regarded as one of the most reliable and efficient models in the current Mercedes Benz range and the latest incarnation of the 2651 Gigaspace cab will make a welcome addition to the current Merritts fleet.

September 26, 2014 by D. Hardy

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