Merritts Increase Versa-Lift Fleet

Merritts have increased their current vehicle fleet with the acquisition of two new versa-lift trucks, an electric 25/35 E and a 60/80, the new models have been designed to lift heavy machinery and will be used in conjunction with the family firms existing fleet of vehicles.

heavy machinery movers

Investment in the all-electric 25/35 E will allow Merritts Heavy Machinery Movers to expand into new markets as the vehicle has been developed to produce no emissions and virtually no noise during operation and these qualities will mean that the system can be used in more sensitive working environments.

Despite the relatively compact design, the 25/35 E has a 16Te lifting capacity which means that the vehicle is capable of lifting and moving heavy or bulky machines. The new 60/80 Versa Lift has a slightly larger 36Te lifting capacity and the vehicles compact design has been developed to lift items within confined spaces and restricted working areas.

Versa-Lift technology is currently widely used in the machinery removal and installations market and Merritts have been using this technology for a number of years, the trucks have been designed for maximum efficiency and operate on a moving counterweight which means that the vehicles are more than fifty percent smaller than trucks which use conventional static counterweight technology.

The advantage of the moving counterweight design is that the vehicle can still lift heavy items using standard forks or special jib attachments without compromising manoeuvrability, the versatility and flexibility of the Versa-Lift also means that the vehicle can often reach areas that a mobile or lorry mounted crane would be unable to access.

All Merritts Versa-Lifts are supplied with fully trained, experienced operatives as well as lifting slings, chains and securing equipment to ensure that every project runs smoothly. Additionally, all our vehicles are fully certified and meet the required HSE standards and regulations.

Click here to see one of the Merritts Versa-Lifts in action.

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August 21, 2014 by Alan Cundy

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