Heavy Machinery Refurbishment Space

Merritts has over 100,000 ft² of internal warehouse space serviced by overhead cranes, and a further 80,000 ft² of external storage space. This enables us to offer manufacturing businesses and machine tool specialists the opportunity to use our facilities as a base from which to carry out heavy machinery refurbishment and maintenance.

Heavy Machinery Refurbishment Space

This service is frequently provided during the transport of a heavy machine to a new location, before it is offered for resale, or before it is temporarily decommissioned. This is because the machine owner sees this as an ideal opportunity to carry out a full overhaul so that the machine arrives at its new location in the best possible condition.

Obviously, whilst the machine has been in operation, it will have had its routine maintenance inspections carried out to ensure its continued safe operation and to avoid production breakdowns, but often, this has meant tooling engineers and inspectors working in confined spaces which may have limited access to all parts of the machine.

By transporting the heavy machinery ‘mid-move’ to our facility, engineers can have unlimited space within which to work and can use specialist lifting equipment such as Versa-Lift forklifts and overhead gantry cranes to enable them to move and lift the machine to access all sides and complete the inspection and overhaul.

Our inventory of specialist machinery moving plant and lifting equipment provides a workable solution to every scenario. All of our equipment is subject to stringent maintenance and testing procedures.

Machine tools specialists that have been approved to work on our site will have access to specialist equipment including:

  • Enerpac Super Lift gantry system (SL125)
  • Heavy duty lift trucks
  • Versa-Lifts (lift capacity up to 36 Te)
  • Lorry mounted cranes
  • Mobile elevating work platforms
  • Lifting beams and frames
  • Rigging accessories

Space is available to hire on a short or long term basis, with rates calculated accordingly. The package can be tailored to suit requirements and can include lifting facilities and access to power if required.

If you have a heavy machinery refurbishment requirement and need space to carry out the works please get in touch.

November 6, 2018 by James Merritt

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