Versa-Lift trucks are a crucial asset in the machinery moving and installation market. They operate on a moving counterweight principle allowing the truck to be up to 50% smaller than trucks using conventional static counterweight technology.

Versatile lifting solutions for your machinery moving projects

When lifting a load, the counterweight will extend either automatically or manually to provide the desired amount of counterweight in order for the truck to remain stable.

This enables the truck to lift extremely heavy items either with the standard forks or by the use of a specially designed jib attachment while remaining compact, aiding transport and manoeuvrability.

It also allows the truck to access areas that would not be accessible by conventional lifting equipment such as mobile or lorry mounted cranes. This is a great advantage when operating in facilities with a limited amount of space.

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The Merritts Versa-Lift fleet includes:

  • Versa-Lift 60/80 – 36Te capacity at 900mm/4270mm wheelbase
  • Versa-Lift 40/60 – 27Te capacity at 900mm/3710mm wheelbase
  • Versa-Lift 25/35 – 16Te capacity at 600mm/2845mm wheelbase

Merritts’ electric Versa-Lifts are ideal in sensitive environments

Electric powered Versa-Lifts operate more quietly than LPG versions so will be used in environments where noise reduction is a priority.

Projects carried out within facilities that involve food, pharmaceuticals, natural fibres, chemicals, textiles and nuclear power will benefit from the use of battery powered Versa-Lifts to avoid contamination from fuel vapours and emissions.


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