Forklift Trucks

Forklifts are perfect for offloading and transporting ancillary equipment as well as assisting in the reassembly of manufacturing machinery

Our fleet of forklifts are utilised on almost every project

The majority of our fleet are rated to lift and carry 7Te in weight at a fork centre of 600mm.

These are all fitted with a triple mast enabling them to lift up to 6m in height. They are also fitted with hydraulic side shift to assist in precision load positioning.

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Battery Powered Forklifts:

Electric powered forklifts operate more quietly than LPG versions so can be used in environments where noise reduction is a priority.

Projects carried out within facilities that involve food, pharmaceuticals, natural fibres, chemicals, textiles and nuclear power will benefit from the use of battery powered forklifts to avoid contamination from fuel vapours and emissions.

Summary of Merritts’ forklift fleet:

  • 7Te capacity at 600mm fork centre
  • Triple mast to lift up to 6m
  • LPG and electric versions
  • Extendible forks
  • Extensive fleet
  • Experienced operators


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