Equipment Spotlight: HIAB Crane Hire With Operator

An equipment spotlight review on HIAB crane hire and the various lorry mounted lifting cranes Merritts use as part of a heavy machinery lifting project.

HIAB Crane Hire

Whilst in the UK, a HIAB crane (pronounced high-ab) has become the name given to a lorry mounted crane of any make,  the term ‘HIAB’ actually comes from the name of a Swedish company called Hydrauliska Industri AB (HIAB) a manufacturer of  loader cranes, demountable container handlers, forestry cranes, truck-mounted forklifts and tail lifts.

The use of a lorry mounted crane on a heavy machinery moving project enables Merritts to provide an efficient transport solution as the machine or container can be lifted and loaded onto the trailer ready for transportation in one unit. It also means that when the machine arrives at its destination, the appropriate crane is also available to lift and offload.

Remote control operation for complex projects

The arm operation on a HIAB crane can be either manual or remote control. All the lorry mounted cranes in the Merritts fleet are remote control operated. These advanced systems are more sophisticated than manual controls and allow precision manoeuvrability. This enables us to execute a varied range of heavy machinery moving projects as well as more specialist lifting and haulage projects.

Experienced operators save time and money

Our HIAB crane hire service also includes an experienced operator who is fully trained to use the remote control operating system. Remote control operations offer greater control of  stability and speed during loading and unloading to ensure your moving project is carried out safely. It also means we can operate the crane from the most suitable vantage points, which could be a safer distance away or a closer proximity dependent on the lift being performed. This all adds up to greater efficiency and therefore assists in saving time and money on a project.

The lorry mounted cranes in our fleet are manufactured by an Italian company called FASSI who offer a wide range of cranes and enable us to specify the tailor-made bespoke features we need for the heavy lifting projects we carry out. This differentiates Merritts because it means we have the specialist equipment to carry out all types of heavy lifting projects.

Which HIAB Crane do you need?

The type of HIAB or lorry mounted crane you require will depend on the weight of your load, the distance it needs to be lifted and what the access is like on site. These are all factors we will consider during the initial discussions and onsite inspection meetings we will carry out. These assessments are all part of our process to ensure we fully understand your project.

The Merritts heavy lifting equipment fleet includes a choice of cranes which are mounted at the rear, mid and front of low and semi-low loader trailers. Our lorry mounted cranes are capable of lifting and carrying up to 30 Te in a single unit.

To ensure ongoing safe operation, all vehicles and equipment are tested at regular intervals and fully certified to the relevant health and safety regulations.

Can we help with your machine moving project?

As you would expect from a global machinery moving specialist that has spent decades moving and installing various types of machinery, across multiple sectors, our service includes preparation of all necessary paperwork. This will include a project plan, method statement, risk assessments and lifting plans.

If we can help on your next heavy machinery moving project please get in touch.

December 3, 2019 by Richard Merritt

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