Environmental Sustainability in Heavy Machinery Moving

In an era where environmental sustainability is paramount, companies industry wide are seeking innovative solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. Heavy machinery moving, an essential aspect of various industries, often comes with significant environmental impacts.

Sustainable Heavy Machinery Transportation

From enhancing fuel efficiency, to reducing emissions, and implementing large scale recycling practices, Merritts recognises its responsibility to be part of the solution regarding sustainability and is dedicated to making a positive impact where possible.

Fuel Efficiency

One of the primary contributors to carbon emissions in heavy machinery transportation is fuel consumption. At Merritts we understand the importance of maximising fuel efficiency to minimise our environmental impact.

Our trucks are equipped with fuel management systems that monitor fuel consumption in real-time. All diesel and lubricants utilised in our vehicles adhere strictly to the relevant British Standard, ensuring that they are clean fuels. This commitment includes the utilisation of low sulphur diesel, which contributes to lower emissions and a cleaner environment.

Regular servicing and meticulous inspections are integral to our fleet management practices, guaranteeing that our vehicles are maintained in peak condition for optimal performance on the road. Well-maintained vehicles not only operate more efficiently but also consume less fuel, thus reducing our environmental footprint significantly.

To further enhance fuel efficiency, our HGVs are equipped with aerodynamic devices aimed at reducing drag, which in turn decreases the amount of fuel consumed during transportation. Additionally, all vehicles in our fleet are equipped with speed limiters, ensuring they are driven at an optimum level for fuel consumption.

Recognising the significant impact of driving practices on pollution levels, Merritts actively promotes and encourages good driving habits among our team. Our vehicles are equipped with sophisticated monitoring systems that analyse driving performance, facilitating the reduction of wear on vehicles and minimising fuel consumption. By prioritising efficient driving practices, we not only contribute to a cleaner environment but also enhance the longevity of our fleet.

Emissions Reduction

Reducing emissions is a key focus area in our commitment to environmental sustainability. In addition to enhancing fuel efficiency, we have implemented various measures to minimise emissions throughout our operations. Our fleet of vehicles undergoes regular maintenance and tuning to ensure optimal performance and reduce emissions.

Furthermore, we have invested in low-emission vehicles and alternative fuel technologies, such as hybrid and electric, to further decrease our carbon footprint. By incorporating these eco-friendly alternatives into our fleet, we are actively working towards a greener future for heavy machinery transportation.

Our electric Versa-Lift trucks and pick & carry cranes, especially, have become a crucial asset that enable us to move machinery in environments where noise and pollution reduction is a priority.

Large Scale Recycling Practices

As part of our daily business operations, Merritts must dispose of a multitude of different items. This includes outdated machinery, wood materials, associated equipment, as well as pollutant chemicals like oil and diesel. To manage the disposal of these pollutants, Merritts holds a waste carriers license and exclusively engages authorised and licensed disposal agencies with the appropriate facilities for proper disposal.

We actively promote environmental awareness among all staff members and extend this philosophy to our suppliers and subcontractors. This ensures alignment with our company’s environmental expectations and prevents any diminishment of our standards by external parties. Our commitment to creating a healthier environment is upheld consistently, benefiting our staff, customers, and supply chain alike.

If you are looking for a long-term partner to help you with heavy machinery removals, transportation, or storage requirements, Merritts is here to help.

March 4, 2024 by James Merritt

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