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As part of Merritt’s bespoke services we provide safe and secure industrial storage services for large loads and industrial equipment. This is often essential when equipment is being mothballed, sold on or can’t be transported to its final destination for a period of time. It is a key component of our comprehensive logistics services, although we also offer use of the storage facilities as a standalone service.

Storage Services

One of our key strengths is that we’re centrally located in the Midlands, conveniently close to the M1, giving us and our customers quick access to major routes North, South, East and West. Our secure facilities offer 150,000sqft of internal storage space, with another 80,000sqft external storage space for items that are not weather sensitive.

All of our warehouses are heated, equipped with overhead cranes that can lift up to 20 Tonnes, allow storage for items up to 10m in height and are protected with state of the art security systems. All of which is managed by our skilled warehouse team.

We have customers come to us looking for a variety of storage solutions, so we often tailor our services to suit each individual need. For instance, energy engineering firm Doosan Babcock needed to store some sensitive items that required regular maintenance and a permanent power supply to maintain correct temperature, humidity and performance. By closely following instructions our skilled team were able to fulfil all the manufacturer’s requirements for safely storing the equipment.

How short and long term storage these are some of the reasons why businesses choose to store their equipment with us:

  • Machinery manufacturers from all industry sectors often need a buffer storage solution prior to UK installation.
  • A piece of equipment may no longer be required but cannot be written off due to balance sheet value.
  • Manufacturers that downsize production on multiple sites by consolidating machinery may need to store some machinery prior to it being sold.
  • When manufacturers change their tooling or model they are still required to keep the old tools and parts for a specified time.
  • Used machinery dealers sometimes need a simple holding area or showroom to keep equipment prior to sale.
  • Auctioneers can require warehouse space in which to hold closed auctions or store machinery.
  • Many transport businesses can save fuel and time between drops to customers by using our central location to temporarily drop certain loads.

Customs bonded warehousing

Our facilities are also popular with importers and exporters. Merritt’s premises are HMRC approved as a customs bonded warehouse facility, which means we can help our customers defer payment of import duty and VAT on their machinery and equipment.

These are the key benefits of our customs bonded warehousing facility:

  • Businesses can defer payment of import duty and VAT.
  • The opportunity to purchase stock machinery without paying import duty and VAT until they’re sold.
  • Provides customers with greater flexibility for supplying ‘quick turnaround’ machine deliveries to clients.
  • It also means you can take advantage of favourable exchange rates when purchasing stock machinery.
  • If you are unable to sell your machinery in the UK you can sell it for re-export without having to worry about the duties which would already have been paid.

Rates start from £0.10 per square foot per week (£1.09 per square metre per week), which is inclusive of buildings insurance, rates, light, heat and power in the area dependent on use. Find out more about our storage services.

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(NB Our customs bonded warehouse is approved for ‘dry’ status only. We do not have a ‘wet’ licence and therefore cannot process enquiries relating to the storage of alcohol, fuel or cigarettes.)

September 5, 2014 by D. Hardy

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