Relocation of Textile Machinery

Relocation and recycling of heavy machinery as part of production line reconfiguration for a textile company.

Company Profile: A Lancashire based textile company providing textile services for numerous industries

Project Outline:
Repositioning and relocation of textile machinery as part of a manufacturing re-configuration

Project Detail

The project involved the relocation and recycling of a number of machines that included: Mercerising machines, pleating machines, wrap crushing machines and dying machines.


Our works included:

Redundant Machinery Disposal: After the disconnection of services, Merritts ensured redundant machinery was transported to an approved recycling site.

Machinery Repositioning: To avoid any disruption to the customer’s current production, detailed planning was carried out and implemented via a system of jacking and skating. Manoeuvrability proved difficult due to a confined working space.

Relocation of textile machinery to other premises: All machines that were required to be transported to other facilities were disconnected, dismantled and removed from the production areas. Numerous lifting devices were employed to lift the loads onto Merritts’ transport. These included lorry mounted cranes and Versa-Lift trucks. Low loaders and euroliners were also utilised during the procedure.


Equipment used

  • Mobile crane
  • Lorry mounted crane
  • Low loaders
  • Versa-Lift Fork Lift
  • Euroliner multi-purpose trailer