Ward & Burke Ltd was contracted by Flowserve Pumps to deliver and install 4 x pumpsets for a client. Their client experienced delays with site conditions and the completed pumpsets required storage for a 12 month period; during which time they needed to be maintained. Following the storage period, they would need to be assembled and delivered to site.

Ward & Burke had a requirement for Merritts to provide a storage facility of 7,500 ft² in addition to the provision of transport and lifting facilities to collect 4 x pumpsets comprising of motors, screw pumps and ancillary equipment from the manufacturers based in the UK. Items were collected, transported and offloaded into Merritts’ facility over a period of 1 x working week.

This entailed the co-ordination with 3 individual manufacturers and involved the receipt of 8 trailers of equipment into a dedicated and fenced area. The heaviest individual items weighed 12 Tonnes each and these were lifted and maneuvered using a Versa-Lift 40/60 with maximum capacity of 27 Tonnes. The largest of the pumpset parts were over 9m in length and had to be lifted using a spreader beam to ensure that the items did not distort during the lift and move process.


Whilst in our facility, Flowserve engineers were required to access the pumpsets as part of their ongoing maintenance schedule. Merritts’ engineers assisted the customer’s engineers with mechanical tasks and lifting during the period of the storage project. The 4 x motors were connected to a permanent power supply at Merritts’ facility to ensure they maintained correct temperature, humidity and performance, as instructed by the manufacturer.

When the eventual delivery date was agreed with the end client, the Merritts’ team worked with the Flowserve team to build the individual pumpset parts into 4 x fully working pumps prior to delivery. Parts were lifted at Merritts’ facility using Versa-Lifts and Merritts’ mechanical engineering team were responsible for making the physical connections to build the pumps. Each pumpset was built over a period of 5 x working days. Fully assembled pumpsets were then loaded to transport, delivered to site and offloaded into position using lorry mounted cranes.