Decommission, Relocate and Recommission Metalworking Machinery

Decommissioning and Relocation of Metalwork Machinery

Working on behalf of a leading metalwork company, Merritts decommissioned, relocated and recommissioned numerous items of metalworking machinery.

Company Profile

As one of the country’s leading metalwork companies, our client provides a comprehensive service to the construction Industry.


Project Outline

The project involved the removal, transportation and installation of a range of metalwork machines from their factory in the South West to their new location in the North. Machinery included coil processing machines, guillotine shears, mechanical and hydraulic press brakes, bending rolls and punch machines.

A Merritts engineer arranged a site visit so that a feasibility study could be carried out. Our project management team then created a detailed planning schedule, ensuring minimal disruption to the client’s production schedule.


Great care was taken by our electrical and mechanical engineers to systematically decommission the machines. An intricate process of match marking was implemented and images were taken to assist when rebuilding the equipment. All ancillary equipment was dismantled and secured to purpose-built pallets which were then loaded onto Merritts’ transport.

All heavy items such as press brakes, bending rolls and hydraulic presses were uplifted from the premises using Versa-Lift forklift trucks and an overhead gantry crane. These were then skated to the designated loading area where all equipment was shrink wrapped and sheeted to ensure full protection.

All equipment was then transported on our curtain sided trailers to the new site. As requested by the customer, all machinery was reassembled in the same layout as at the previous factory and all services reconnected.