Collection, Bonded Storage, Delivery, and Installation of Komori Lithographic Press

Belfast Bonded Storage

Collection of Komori lithographic press from seaport, and transportation to Merritts HMRC approved bonded storage facility. Following the 3 month storage period, we then loaded items to our transport vehicles, delivered to the receiving site in the UK, and completed the installation works.

Project Outline: In order to secure a favourable deal, a leading UK based print company had ordered a new printing press from an overseas manufacturer and utilised Merritts’ HMRC bonded storage facility in order to defer VAT and import duty whilst premises were prepared for the machine’s installation.

Project details:

Collection and Bonded Storage

  • Merritts were appointed to collect, bonded store, deliver and install the Komori lithographic press.
  • We collected hi-cube shipping containers from the docks and transported back to our secure bonded facility in the Midlands, handling all customs clearance documentation.
  • Using a lorry mounted crane with 30Te capacity, we offloaded the shipping containers to floor level.
  • We removed the print units and ancillary equipment from containers using a Versa-Lift 40/60 and 7Te container spec Hyster fork lift truck.
  • We assessed the shipped goods for condition and took photographic records.
  • Items were then safely transferred to a holding area where they were stored until further instruction.

Delivery and Installation

  • Merritts project managers carried out a site visit at the install location to fully understand the requirements involved and to create a detailed scope of works for the project.
  • When the scope of works were finalised; method statements, risk assessments and lifting diagrams were issued to the customer for approval.
  • Print units and ancillary equipment were loaded to Merritts transport using Versa- Lift and lorry mounted crane.
  • Machinery was delivered to the receiving site.
  • Machinery was offloaded using lorry mounted crane and Versa-Lift, placed on machinery moving skates, and skated into the new facility.
  • Machinery was unpacked and removed from transit frames and positioned as required.
  • Merritts worked with the manufacturer’s engineers to assemble the press sections.