Heavy machinery moving for automotive plant de-commissioning

Sadly, the news headlines recently have featured stories about several leading car manufacturers such as Nissan, Honda and Jaguar Landrover who have announced plans to close UK factories or relocate production to other UK or overseas plants.

Asset Relocation Programme

Sometimes these decisions are a result of the launch of new models, changes in localised or global demand, the economy in the particular country, or the need to streamline production to deliver greater efficiencies.

Whatever the reason behind the decision to close or relocate an automotive factory the entire process needs to be handled sensitively. The closure of a major automotive manufacturing plant will undoubtedly have a knock-on effect on the supply chain and other automotive companies who manufacture component parts for the vehicles sold by these brands may also find themselves having to adjust production lines.

If you have been appointed with the task of de-commissioning a car assembly line and need heavy machinery removed and transported to a new location, Merritts can help. We specialise in heavy machinery moving for automotive plant de-commissioning and have highly skilled project managers who will ensure everything runs smoothly.

A senior led project management team will meet with you on site to discuss your needs and can attend ongoing meetings to ensure the smallest details are considered. Prior to works commencing we will prepare a comprehensive health and safety plan including CDM elements where required. Once your heavy machinery is ready to be transported we can disconnect and dismantle and arrange transportation nationally or internationally. Alternatively, we can arrange storage in our warehousing facility for heavy machinery that is not going to be re-located or that needs refurbishing.

We own all the necessary specialist lifting equipment that is required for a heavy machinery moving project. This includes lorry mounted cranes, Versa-Lifts, hydraulic lifting gantries, HGV vehicles and trailers including low loaders, flat and curtain sided options offering numerous versatile solutions for transporting automotive machinery. Our experienced site team consists of SSSTS trained foremen, riggers, drivers, crane operators and electrical & mechanical engineering specialists. All operatives undertake an on-going training and development program to promote multi-skilling and safe working practices.

The automotive machinery we move and install on a regular basis includes industrial power presses, CNC machinery, conveyor systems, injection moulders, extrusion machinery, metalworking machinery and robotic assembly lines. These are designed and  produced by leading machinery manufacturers such as Seyi, Fanuc, Engel, ABB, Kuka, Haas, Starrag, DMG Mori and Mazak.

The Merritts automotive factory de-commissioning service aims to ensure your heavy machinery moving project happens on time and efficiently with the least possible interruption to your business. This can also include operating out of standard working hours, evening or night and shift working, as well as weekends for moves that are time and/or production sensitive.

If we can help move heavy machinery as part of your automotive plant de-commissioning project please get in touch.

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July 17, 2023 by James Merritt

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