Summer Shutdown – Are You Moving Your Machinery?

For the manufacturing industry, the summer shutdown period has always been a key date in the diary.

Merritts Heavy Machinery Movers

There are several reasons why this period of downtime is a beneficial time for manufacturers to move their heavy machinery:

  • Maintenance: Industrial facilities will need to perform maintenance or repairs on their equipment to ensure it is operating at optimal performance. In order to carry this out, the movement of machinery will be required to access the necessary components.
  • Machinery upgrades or replacements: In some cases, heavy machinery may need to be upgraded or replaced to improve production capacity and/or efficiency. Therefore, the installation of new machinery or removal of existing machinery from the facility will be required.
  • Facility reorganisation: A summer shutdown is an effective time to reorganise the layout of the facility, which may require moving machinery to new locations. This can help optimise workflow and increase production efficiency.
  • Safety considerations: Sometimes heavy machinery and equipment needs to be moved to improve safety in the workplace. For example, if a piece of equipment has been identified as a hazard to personnel, it will need to be relocated to a safer location within the facility.

Overall, moving heavy machinery during a summer shutdown is often done to improve the efficiency, safety, and performance of industrial facilities. These improvements on machinery and infrastructure can be carried out with minimal impact to production.

How Do Merritts Help Clients During The Summer Shutdown Period?

Merritts Machinery Movers are leading specialists in the lifting, movement, transportation, installation, and storage of heavy industrial machinery and equipment. If you are considering any of the following works, we’re here to help:

  • Delivery and installation of new machinery.
  • Internal machinery movement.
  • Production line alterations.
  • De-commissioning and removal of machinery.
  • Transport and storage for assets no longer in use.
  • Full factory relocations.

The Sectors We Help

We work across a variety of sectors and have evolved our machinery movers service into an industry leading package:

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April 26, 2023 by D. Hardy

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