Equipment Spotlight: Merritts’ Fleet of Versa-Lift Trucks

An equipment spotlight on Merritts’ Versa-Lift fork trucks, highlighting their versatility and efficiency when used to lift, move and install heavy machinery.

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Merritts’ Versa-Lifts are ideal for machine moving and assist in providing the customer with a cost effective solution.

Merritts’ Versa-Lift fork trucks have unique componentry which enables them to perform tasks which would otherwise require larger, more expensive and cumbersome lifting equipment, therefore helping the customer save project time and money.

They operate using a moving counterweight principle which allows the truck to be 50% smaller than using conventional static counterweight technology.

The Versa-Lift is also designed specifically to fit into areas where access is limited. This could potentially be a huge cost saving to the customer as it means that doorways or wall apertures do not need to be altered, as could have been the case with less sophisticated lifting technology.

Merritts 60/80 Versa-Lift truck is able to lift and carry up to 36Te in a single lift. This means it can handle many heavy machines used in manufacturing by itself, again saving costs as less personnel will be required.

Merritts’ electric Versa-Lifts provide a perfect solution when working in sensitive environments.

Electric powered Versa-Lifts operate more quietly than LPG versions so will be used in environments where noise reduction is a priority. We have outlined the differences between LPG and Electric Versa-Lifts in this article.

Projects carried out within facilities that involve food, pharmaceuticals, natural fibres, chemicals, textiles and nuclear power will benefit from the use of battery powered Versa-Lifts to avoid contamination from fuel vapours and emissions.

For the above reasons, Merritts continue to invest in Versa-Lift technology to ensure we remain at the forefront of the machinery moving industry.

The Merritts Versa-Lift fleet consists of the following:

  • Versa-Lift 60/80 – 36Te capacity at 900mm/4270mm wheelbase
  • Versa-Lift 40/60 – 27Te capacity at 900mm/3710mm wheelbase
  • Versa-Lift 25/35 & 25/35 Electric – 16Te capacity at 600mm/2845mm wheelbase

Versa Lift features include:

  • Side shift capability for precision positioning of machinery
  • 4m extension forks for extra wide items
  • Jib attachment
  • Remote controlled
  • Extendable boom
  • Mast height up to 8m

If you have a heavy machinery moving project where access restrictions are likely to cause issues, please get in touch with the Merritts team and we will be happy to help. With nearly 100 years of experience there are no machinery moving scenarios we have not dealt with.

April 1, 2020 by D. Hardy

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